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[QUEST] Golden Memories

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[QUEST] Golden Memories

Postby Haydon » Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:36 am


Floor Number: 1
Difficulty: Novice
Length: Medium
Requirements: Must have completed 'The Bouquet"

Opening Story:

Monica has mentioned about the Wine Cellar just below the Inn,
but never really taken an interest at all for exploration.
I think it needs more investigating as there have been strange sounds coming
from beneath the floorboards. Many people have spread rumors about
a small society under the Town of Beginnings, but then again; it may just be a myth.

Setting the scene:

Area/Environment: (In the cellar)

As you enter the rather compact Wine Cellar, you would see lots of beer and wine barrels stacked against the chipped concrete wall. Mould would be growing on the walls, with cobwebs in each dark corner; the occasional spider scurrying across. However, something seems like that isn't all there is to the cellar. At the very back of the area are many barrels covering up what seems to be an old painting.

Quest Objectives:

- Visit the Wine cellar and ask Monica's mother about it; she has lived here for some time.
- I have gained knowledge that the painting is impossible to remove from the wall - I should examine it further.
- Remove the barrels away from the painting.
- You have found that if you lift a square by the lady's hand on the painting, a keyhole is revealed under it.
- Head back over to Monica's mother, and tell her about the keyhole.
- According to Monica's mother, it seems her father Alfred holds the key - maybe it might help to speak to him.
- You have got the key, insert it into the slot and see what happens.
- The door swings open, and a chilly breeze comes up from a staircase which is revealed. Follow the pathway.
- It seems as though the myth is now true, there is civilization down here.
- Report back to Monica's mother about what you have discovered!


NPC 1:

NPC texture/skin:

She is a pale lady, but seems approachable; and you can see that she has a good eye for sewing. She is wearing a neat burgundy dress with a white pattern near the waist. The burgundy colour compliments her grey long-sleeved shirt. She has grey hair and appears to be quite old.

NPC Movement/Animation:

She is sewing a hat for her daughter, Monica whilst sitting on the bed. She seems happy enough.

NPC Name:

Monica's Mother.

Characters History:

Monica's mother is the leader of their household above the Inn, she cleans; irons and makes sure everything is pristine. However, in her old age she is becoming more and more weak, making her daughter have to work harder. She's a very nice and easily approachable lady; perfect to ask about history - She used to be a historian herself.


NPC 2:

NPC texture/skin:

The man is wearing a blacksmiths apron, whilst holding a hammer. He has glasses on, and you can see that he has a slightly hunched back. The apron has lots of black stains on it, it seems that he got that from his occupation.

NPC Movement/Animation:

He seems to stick with what he is best at which is Blacksmithing. He occasionally swings his hammer at the anvil whilst holding the iron in place.

NPC Name:


Characters History:

A person who has really lived, his wife would say. He is known for his grumpy personality and difficulty to talk to, you can also tell that he really does not want you to be there. He is a blacksmith that works for one of the famous producers in the Town of Beginnings which supply's to the 50th floor.


...:::||| | Dialogue | |||:::...

Dialogue Starts =
Monica's Mother: "Hello there dear, is there anything I can be of assistance with?"
You: "Hi, I was the man who grabbed your daughter them flowers; for her husband of course."
You: "I was wondering if I could learn about your Wine cellar...?"
Monica's Mother: "Oh yes yes; of course you may.
Monica's Mother: "A long time ago we got given the opportunity to own this place. The man sadly passed
when we got given it. There is a painting down there, covered up by all of our barrels.
It is a rather terrible painting; so that's why all of our stock covers it. However, when
we tried to take it down from the wall it simply would not budge, almost as if it's apart
of the wall. You could investigate it young adventurer."
You: "Yes, I will do that!" (OR) "Maybe some other time."
If option ONE applys:
Monica's Mother: "Fantastic, let me know what you find out."
You: "I'll get on it now."
If option TWO applys:
Monica's Mother: "Never mind dear, we all have other things to worry about..."
Dialogue Exits.

*** After you have searched beyond the barrels at the painting and discovered the keyhole. ***

Option ONE continuing:
Monica's Mother: "Did you find anything interesting?"
You: "Yes! I found a keyhole hidden in the painting, I think it's a door."
Monica's Mother: "Oh! How exciting, I think we found a key in the cellar when we were given it..."
Monica's Mother: "Now now... Let me think... - Oh yes, Alfred has it!"
Monica's Mother: "Go and talk to him about it."
You: "Where can I find Alfred exactly?"
Monica's Mother: "He will be in the Blacksmith's shop, in the South of the Town of Beginnings."
You: "I'll be back soon."
Dialogue Exits.

Dialogue Starts =
Alfred: "Aye', what can I do you for laddy'?"
You: "I'm inquiring about a key.. that you found in the cellar under the Inn..."
Alfred: "What makes you think that I should just hand it to you?"
You: "I'm a friend of Monica's mother. (OR) I collect keys, can I have that too? (OR) Give me the keys or I'll fight you for them."
If option TWO applys:
Alfred: "Y'collect keys? No way are yah' gettin' this one."
If option THREE applys:
Alfred: "And y'would beat an old man for a key? Get out of here."
***After option three, you would be stunned as Alfred strikes you with a hot iron;
you wake up in an unknown place outside of the town of beginnings***
If option ONE applys:
Alfred: "Ah, my mistake. She must of wanted you to ave' it'."
***Alfred hands you the key***
Dialogue Exits.

(Returning back to Monica's Mother)

Dialogue Starts =
Monica's Mother: "How goes the hunt?"
You: "Yes! I have found an actual civilization right under this Inn and the whole town."
Monica's Mother: "Oh my goodness! Oh my... what should we do?"
Monica's Mother: "Eh'... Keep it secret, dear. Explore is for a while before telling everybody; we got enough crowds here as it is."
Monica's Mother: "Thank you for doing the detective work, dear."
You: "Thank you for helping me get the information."
Monica's Mother: "You should be proud of yourself dear."
You: "I'll return once I've explored for a while."

Quest Reward:
2000 col.
985 Detection XP
Access to the Gravaldar Civilization (Could lead to other quests)
100 Hiding XP

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